IT/Technical Services

What happens when our Microsoft Certified Professionals take responsibility for your PCs and network? Hiring a tech ensures productivity increases, technology runs more smoothly and your administration feels the relief of convenient tech support in experienced hands. We help individuals and business networks evaluate their technology and even teach them how to utilize it more effectively. No matter the challenge, our tech will get your systems up and running as soon as possible. That may mean working together on the phone to provide a temporary solution until we can schedule an appointment, or in many cases a tech could be available on site within the hour. Either way, personalized customer service is a major part of working with Heritage.

Contact us today to experience “The Heritage Difference” in tech services, and let us start you on your way to dependable IT assistance.

PC Support & Troubleshooting

Our friendly tech professionals offer solutions, knowledge and expertise, and guarantee peace of mind for PC troubleshooting, training & support, including network configuration and administration, disaster planning, virus protection, backups, and security planning & management. We help individuals and businesses master their technology. Contact us today with your technical challenge!

Network Administration

Many individuals and businesses enlist our tech professionals to manage their networks and computers. When you can't justify having a full-time IT person, or the person who handles your IT on a daily basis is too busy or beyond his/her knowledge, call us to solve the problem. Our customers recognize that keeping their computer systems up and running smoothly is an important part of improving work flow and productivity. They realize that they need an expert to help them manage their network and keep it secure. Some of the industries our clients represent are mortgage, manufacturing, law, environmental, financial, railroad, public relations, and many others.

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  • Windows Server
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Backup Management
  • Antivirus updates & Malware removal
  • Your on-call help desk for PC & Server support!
  • Network Infastructure
    • Server management
    • Mail & Web server configuration and administration
    • Firewall setup
    • VPN Configuration
    • Wireless
    • Network configuration & administration
    • Security planning & management
"I'm so glad I contacted Heritage for technical assistance. The tech who helped me was very courteous. He was thorough with his checking of all our computers and making adjustments just to the one that needed some extra help. Peace of mind with trust and confidence is what I am feeling after his visit. It was a great experience and Heritgate always will be my first call in the future." Denise Canon,
Travel Concepts Inc.